Offering Youth Cheerleading for grades K - 8

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Keep your head high, your bow higher, and your self-confidence the highest…



Please know that we sincerely miss you and we miss your girls' shining, beautiful faces!  

We are absolutely committed to providing a program this coming fall!  So much is up in the air and will be for the coming weeks until we have a better idea on how we will be educating our children this fall.  We are of course shooting for the sun and hope to have a comprehensive program to incorporate your childrens' safety and well-being as our primary focus.

We have been extensively brainstorming options within our Club and in coordination with other AYC Organizations/Towns and together we feel like we will be able to come up with a safe, coordinated and positive program for the Fall 2020 season even if it may not fully resemble our typical fall program.  

What we do know as of today:

  • We absolutely ADORE our families and cheerleaders and are going to do our best to plan a ROCKIN’ 2020 Fall Season!!!
  • Our program, whatever it may look like, will still be centered on teaching our girls (and boys!) cheerleading skills, self-confidence and the important life lessons of preparation, dedication and working together as a team - unrivaled practice for the larger arena of life!
  • THERE WILL BE NO YAC CHEER CAMPS IN AUGUST, all August dates are cancelled.
  • We will have final details of what our program will look like in the fall and be looking to Register the kids in Early to Mid-August with a Program Start Date the First or Second week of School in September
  • Pricing may vary (be lower) based on final offerings and payments will need to be made in one payment (no payment plans) as our season registration will be very close to program start so we encourage you to  plan accordingly and know that if you’d like to join in August, your payment would need to be made as such.
  • We will be reaching out to adult and teen coaches to determine their interest and availability in the next few weeks😊

Cheer loud & proud!

XOXO, Your Commissioners & Coaches