Offering Youth Cheerleading for grades K - 8

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A huge Husker shout out to our beloved cheer community - hope you are all having a restful, rewarding summer!

Since March, our leaders have been collaborating with our wonderfully supportive YAC Board and the other 10+ competing towns to try and reimagine what competitive cheer could potentially look like for the upcoming 2020 fall season.  We have also been closely following the dates/decisions being released by NYS high school and youth sports organizations.

As I am sure you can all imagine and understand, this has been a truly daunting and stressful time but we cannot escape the fact that competitive cheerleading is one of the most high-contact/at-risk sports.  We have considered all options and collaborated extensively with our cheer peers and our Board to try and temporarily reimagine our sport, but there are too many constraints and concerns at this time for us to confidently and safely serve our community.  As such, it is with a heavy heart that we made the very tough decision to not offer a YAC competitive cheer program this upcoming fall.

We are still awaiting dates/decisions on whether YAC Football will be proceeding with a season and if they do, we are hoping to formulate a minimal cost K-8th Grade Sideline Cheer/Dance only program (information TBD).

NYS Section 1 High School sports (whom we mirror) have announced that they may have replacement seasons for many fall sports in the Winter/Spring months and Competitive Cheer has been listed under this potential offering.  We are watching and waiting and will let you know if there are any programs we can offer later in the year.

Our cheerleading partner/mentor, Extreme Force in Mahopac, is currently offering extensive programs/camps for summer and fall and if your cheerleaders are interested/comfortable in continuing on during this tough time, you can check out their website at  I have attached a few of their program flyers for your review.

As always, we thank you for all your support and your understanding.  This has been a heartbreaking process but please know that we love and miss our cheerleaders and cheer families and wish you all the very best.

Be safe and well - cheer loud & proud, Jess, Linda, Margaret & Toni-Ann